Empower the student experience and propel their growth.

We empower students through the gamification of twenty first century education technology.  

 Conquering Dragons and Math

Transforming the classroom into an epic, dragon fighting adventure with unique teacher insights. 


Transforming students into the Heros of their own destiny!

Providing Teachers and Parents the tools to reward and inspire.

Timely reporting to address students and teachers success stories.

Unlocking the mysteries of math with inspiring game play.

KalqueLord provides a dynamic learning experience, engaging students with all the excitement, color, and driving action of the most popular games in the world.

Captivating Narrative

An epic, exciting, and unique fantasy adventure, penned by our own best-selling author, is woven into the gameplay experience so that every player feels like a true hero.

Superior Art & Graphics
Enter an enthralling world of Fantastical Realism - unrivaled by anything existing in the educational arena.
Learning - Personified

Each adventurer creates and continually upgrades a unique avatar which establishes user agency, ownership, and depth, while creating a permanent bond.


I have been inspired by your project. I believe the future of education will be online and the software needs to engage all aspects of learning. The biggest  challenge is to draw the line between gaming and teaching the content. I believe your platform does that, perfectly.

- Cassandra M.


I have watched KalqueLord develop from an idea to an amazing method of teaching. In my years as an educator and school administrator, I have never seen a program that has attracted the attention of this younger, more technologically superior generation. Mark has hit at the heart and soul of this generation whose second language, naturally acquired, is technology. This game has created an opportunity for students to obtain math skills in a way that they are accustomed...

KalqueLord is pure genius."

- Janet R.

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