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About Us

Using the fun and addictive qualities of video games to create the ultimate learning tool

The Magic of KalqueLord Studios

Who We Are

Our Experience
 Conquering Dragons and Math


Drawing on the proven talents of a veteran team composed of best-selling game designers, KalqueLord is built on the premise that adventure and learning should go hand in hand. Our mission is to engage students with striking, high-resolution art, epic narratives, and proven gaming principles woven together to provide an educational experience that rivals the addictive drive of the world's most popular games - and we believe an addiction to learning leads to success in all walks of life.


Emotionally connecting with our audience is a necessary part of our strategy. Many on the team have personally battled the challenges of attention disorders, and have children in the middle of this fight. This means that we understand the challenges that stand between traditional education and active, willing minds. Rather than medicate the problem, our tactic is to embrace it - using the unique elements that only games present to help students bridle and control their focus.

Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Mark Ragno

Founder & CEO

Hailing from a family of educators, Mark has been passionately engaged in the battle to bridge education and gaming since his own children first started school. His strategy to bring high-level game designers in sync with the latest in educational software has resulted in the revolutionary next generation in Addictive Learning - KalqueLord

'Pixel Pirate'
Chris Wood

Art Director

A veteran in the game industry, Chris has lent his unique style to some of the best selling games of all time, including Halo 2, Halo 3, Call of Duty: World at War, Left 4 Dead and Pirates of the Caribbean Online. With over two decades experience working with the largest studios in the world, Chris is excited to focus his talents on this new frontier.

Cameron Dayton

Creative Consultant

With over 20 years designing, writing, and directing blockbuster franchises from Activision, Blizzard Entertainment, Epic Games, and Electronic Arts, Cameron knows how to build games that last. His work has been enjoyed by tens of millions of gamers, leaving an indelible mark on the pop-cultural landscape. In addition to game development, he is a best-selling author and entrepreneur

Gabe Kruse

Dir. Growth Strategy

As the Head of Growth and cofounder for esports company, DuuL Software, Gabe has created a dynamic web platform that allows video gamers to play online tournaments. It is an all-encompassing solution that integrates multiple game titles and social media sites, giving every gamer the opportunity to participate in building a competitive community.

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