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Empower Your Child to Master Math


KalqueLord transforms education into a spell-casting, dragon-fighting RPG with engagement levels comparable to the world’s best video games.

Key Features


Captivating Narrative

One of the richest and most alluring adventures created, forged by world-builders of the planet’s most popular video games

Superior Art & Graphics

Enter an enthralling world of Fantastical Realism – unrivaled by anything existing in the educational arena

Learning - Personified

Each adventurer develops a unique avatar which establishes user agency, ownership, and depth while creating a permanent bond


(Autonomy + Mastery + Purpose = Long-term Engagement) Fun is simply a bi-product of our intrinsically motivational components

True RPG

Incorporating advanced gaming strategies, character development, safe social interaction, exploration, advancement, and responsibility within the narrative - all designed to amplify learning

All Player Types

Loyally guiding and encouraging: Collectors, Min-Maxers, Explorers, Storytellers, Completionists, and Socialites - throughout their entire learning careers

Common Core - Leveled Up

Our content not only includes, but far exceeds, the current standard in education - ensuring we become the new, upgraded benchmark

Teacher Console

A separate and essentially connected user-friendly console that allows and promotes rapport building, collaboration, communication, personalized learning, detailed metrics, and advanced reporting

Current Education Principles

Integrating forced practice, adaptive learning, data driven assessment, formative assessment, collaborative spaces, and socio-emotional development

KalqueLord heralds the dawn of a new era in educational software.


Fanatical about engaging students with focus challenges, the company weaves striking artwork, enchanting narratives, and proven gaming principles together to make learning more addictive than the more frivolous entertainment that competes for our children’s attention.


We are comprised of an unrivaled team of not only the industry’s top talent, but also underdogs who have personally battled these challenges and found that the way to solve the problem is to cure the game – not the players.


Shared Pain

The KalqueLord team faces the same challenges as those they seek to help - fighting their inner battles silently and constantly.


New Solutions

Rather than medicate, label, and merely tolerate those who are different, we seek to create an environment that is conducive to the magnificent way their brains work.

Mark 'Pathfinder' Ragno
Founder & CEO

Diagnosed years ago with ADHD, hailing from a family of educators, and a student of video game addiction. He obtained a web development certification in 2014, winning Best Project for KalqueLord, and has since dedicated himself to developing it by combining his first person knowledge of focus challenges with his educational influence and the gaming theory he's acquired.

Ben 'Vanguard' Reichert
Studio General Manager

A video game producer with over 8 years of experience bringing uncountable wins for developers, publishers and brands. Head of AZ's first video game incubator which mentored over 10 video game startups. As Head of Studios and Professor at UAT, and the Assistant Director for the Center for Games and Impact at ASU, he has also trained and deployed countless individuals into the video game industry.

Gabe 'Ranger' Kruse
Director of Growth Strategy

In the video gaming industry over 4 years, most recently as Head of Growth for esports company, DUUL. Created ground floor user acquisition, revenue growth, and business development deals that led to their company partnering with League of Legends. In addition to raising capital, he is also well-networked across industries that interface with the gaming space from advertisers, to infrastructure partners.

Chris 'Pixel Pirate' Wood
Art Director

Professional graphic artist emphasizing color illustration and design. Has lent his distinctive “DarkPop” style to a variety of projects over his 20+ year career. Having worked on game titles such as Halo 2 & 3, Call of Duty, Left4Dead and Pirates of the Caribbean Online - and in the music industry providing art for KoRn, System of a Down, POD and Alice N Chains. Continuing from there to comics, magazine covers, commercials and movies.

Cameron 'Rookbane' Dayton
Creative Consultant

15+ years writing for blockbuster franchises from Blizzard Entertainment, EA, and Epic Games. Creative Director at Sledghammer Studios working on Call of Duty. Wrote the script to Advent Rising and co-founded the story-centered game studio, Chair Entertainment. His short stories are featured in several anthologies and has recently published the first in a book series, Etherwalker.

"...Pure Genius"

"I have watched KalqueLord develop from an idea to an amazing method of teaching. In my years as an educator and a school administrator, I have never seen a program that has attracted the attention of a younger more technologically superior generation. Mark has hit at the heart and soul of this generation whose second language, naturally acquired, is technology. This game has created an opportunity for students to obtain math skills in a way that they are accustomed...Kalquelord is pure genius"

- Janet R.


I have been inspired by your project. I believe the future of education will be online and the software needs to engage all aspects of learning. The biggest challenge is to draw the line between gaming and teaching the content. I believe your platform does that, perfectly.

- Cassandra M.