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How to Help Students Master Math Equations

Math concepts can be challenging and difficult to understand for many students, particularly as these skills are built upon one another. While there are many ways for students to become math masters, here are several tips for parents and teachers to help students become more confident in their math skills.

Review Past Mistakes

For a student to become better at any subject — and in many facets of life — they must recognize where their weaknesses lie and where they made a mistake. This is particularly important when learning math. After completing a math assignment or test, have students review their mistakes. Reviewing their errors in assignments allows them to see where they went wrong and can help prevent that same mistake in other equations.

Use Technology

Technology is an excellent tool for students to learn math concepts. Many students are extremely tech-savvy and view computers, video games, and electronics as a form of entertainment, not a way of learning. Educational online video games can teach students math concepts without the student even recognizing that they are learning. Students must solve math equations to complete the game and it also gives them valuable practice with certain math concepts and skills.

Use Practical Applications

If a concept is challenging or difficult, it is easy for a child to give up, saying they won’t ever use the lesson in real life. To prevent this in your classroom, use practical applications to show students why they need to learn specific math functions and how they will use it in real life. This also gives students more motivation to learn and really try, particularly if they know they will receive some benefit out of it as well as a good grade on the test.

Be Creative

It is easy for a teacher to get up and explain concepts. It requires much less preparation, supplies, and time. However, some students — particularly visual learners – need a little more creativity in their lessons. There are many ways to incorporate this creative-thinking into math lessons. A few ideas include:

• Use 3D objects that students can handle to solve problems. • Incorporate songs, rhyming, and poems to remember steps and functions. • Make small art projects that integrate with the lessons. • Utilize fun worksheets, coloring sheets, or workbooks.

Create and Utilize Flashcards

For some students, flashcards are not the easiest way to learn, but for other students, it is a great way to drill themselves, practice equations, and master certain math functions. You can also incorporate multiple learning types in this activity as creating flashcards is excellent practice for reading/writing learners, while visual learners can use colors and add a creative touch to help them remember. Some individuals like drills, quizzes, and memorization to understand and master certain functions and flashcards make that possible.

Whether you have a student that is struggling in math or you just need some new ways to better teach difficult math concepts, these are just some of the ideas that can help students of various learning types. Sign up for more ways to help students in the classroom and for more information regarding specific learning styles and how you can help each one during difficult math lessons.

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